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A Tour of The Aspens & Whistler Blackcomb

The view looking from the ski slopes to The Aspens.
Two of the 3 hot tubs are shown here. The third hot tub is next to the swimming pool.
The swimming pool and one of the three hot tubs (far middle left of shot).
We have installed a wall-mounted CD / Radio units in our suite.
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whistler_64.jpg (54046 bytes) The ensuite bathroom, with shower/tub, toilet and hair dryer.
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The complimentary ski valet at The Aspens.
The stone fireplace in the living room, which is controlled by a thermostat.  The TV and VCR are shown next to the fireplace.  We include a small selection of movie videos and magazines.
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The kitchen area, with microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, toaster, and all the usual appliances.  This kitchen is fully equipped for your cooking needs.
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The second bedroom, with 2 single beds.
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The master bedroom with king-sized bed.
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The en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom, with shower/tub, toilet and hair dryer.  There is also a main bathroom next to the front door with a walk-in shower.
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The balcony, with a lovely alpine forest view.  This is a VERY quiet suite, with no noise from car traffic, snow cats grooming the slopes, or late night partiers.  If you like quiet, this is the place.
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aspens104.jpg (58607 bytes) The courtyard and swimming pool at Christmas. (New swimming pool not shown).
aspens105.jpg (83756 bytes) The entrance & lobby area of The Aspens.
aspens16.jpg (79966 bytes) The workout room, located next to the pool and the ski slopes.
A view of two of the 3 outdoor hot tubs at The Aspens.
aspens30.jpg (58746 bytes) The view looking up the ski slope next to The Aspens building.
whistler_48.jpg (61486 bytes)

The view from the balcony.  The suite is totally quiet, with no traffic noise and no pedestrian access ways nearby.  No late night noises from the apres-ski crowd!
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skiing05a.jpg (244411 bytes) The Rendezvous Lodge restaurant complex on the top of Whistler Mountain. 
skiing06.JPG (90434 bytes) Same old thing...  *sigh*

7th Heaven on Blackcomb Mountain.

skiing07.jpg (85526 bytes) I knew I should have taken that left turn...

Camel Humps on Whistler Mountain.

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